We’ve moved!

Posted on: 12 September 2014

We’ve moved!

Our recycling service is now fully operational from its new site behind Tesco in Tiverton. The lease at our former site in Silverton was coming up for renewal and some longer-term, high-cost maintenance works would have been required to upgrade the site. So, we decided to move and after some quite rapid negotiations, managed to secure a lease at the Foundry Works.

This is an ideal location for our recycling depot, being minutes away from our current waste site at Station Yard where refuelling is carried out for all our vehicles and staff from the two services can be used in a better way. It has also seen a slight change in recycling rounds, making things easier as we start from the middle of the district rather than from the edge.

New baling equipment has been installed which makes for a much quieter and slicker operation. Some concerns have been raised about the noise from tipping glass but monitoring from our Environmental Health team is underway to make sure it’s within agreed limits.

And the recycling team are happy too with a much more modern facility.

At some point in the future we hope to move our recycling and waste operations onto one site but for now, our new home is big improvement.

We would like to remind customers that our new premises are not a public recycling centre. If you have items of recycling that cannot be collected by our operatives at the kerbside, you should continue to take them to Devon County Council’s public recycling centres at Ashley or Punchbowl.

And of course, you can still help by remembering to put out your recycling boxes, with materials sorted, by 6.00am on the morning of your collection day.

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