Waste and recycling – a clear message

Posted on: 19 November 2015

Contrary to recent comments, the Council has made and continues to make every effort to communicate the message to all residents in relation to the new waste and recycling arrangements. Every household has received detailed information about what to put out when and in which container. Our Customer First team are diligently dealing with enquiries and our website is full of useful facts and answers to frequently asked questions.

It is, however, correct to say that at the present time food waste and garden waste is being co-mingled in our recycling vehicles, but we are not hiding this fact and we should have explained the reasons behind this. The current fleet will be upgraded as soon as possible next year, to be replaced by dual collection vehicles which will enable segregated storage of food and garden waste. This also coincides with changes being introduced by Devon County Council, who manage the recycling and landfill sites. Until those vehicles are upgraded there is no option for segregation. Our reasoning behind asking residents to start recycling separately now is not to belittle them but to educate everyone so that by the time the new fleet is introduced, the new process will be automatic and ‘second nature’ to all our customers. All urban households have now received their blue caddies, but the rural rounds have not yet been completed so all these changes take time. In addition, we now have a statutory duty to collect food waste so the blue caddies have been introduced.

Feedback from the majority of our customers has been very positive and they welcome the opportunity to send less waste to landfill by recycling more. Participation in the scheme has been high and roll-out of blue caddies, for food waste, to all households will be completed by Christmas. We are currently collecting 10 tonnes of food waste per day. The introduction of charging for garden waster was a tough decision but a necessary one. It will provide over half a million pounds of savings which will offset cuts in funding from central government. So far over 5,000 customers have signed up for the garden waste collection which is excellent news.

Please continue to put out your waste and recycling in the new containers provided and if you have any additional questions please contact our Customer First team on 01884 255255, email customerservices@middevon.gov.uk or go to our website at www.middevon.gov.uk/recycling

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