Twyford Inn fire: building control officer in regular contact with owner

Posted on: 13 May 2014

Update 13 May 2014:

Our building control officer has maintained regular contact with the owner of the Twyford Inn since the fire. We understand that the property has been inspected by the owner’s structural engineers, who have confirmed the building is dangerous, and that the owner is arranging for the necessary work to be carried out.

We have advised the owner that if the building is to be demolished, they need to provide us with a demolition notice for building control. Although the building is in a Conservation Area, demolition works to secure safety may take place without planning permission. We are advising the owner over this matter and confirming whether the current condition of the building warrants this or if planning permission is needed. We will continue to liaise with the owner to ascertain what their intentions are regarding the building.

Original post 15 April 2014:

Building Control Officer Robbie Nott has been actively involved in advising on safety and structural issues during and after the fire yesterday at the Twyford Inn in Tiverton. The fire brigade asked him to advise on the state of the building to help them decide how best to tackle the fire. Robbie advised them that it would not be safe to enter the building and that they should fight the fire from outside.

He has made various visits to the site (and got some unusual pictures looking down from above the building). He has been in regular contact with the emergency services – including advising the police on the extent of road closure required – and the building owner. He will continue to be actively involved in assessing what has to happen next to the building, whether it can be repaired or needs to be demolished.

The Council’s emergency planning officer and homelessness team also liaised with the emergency rest centre set up by the town council and were also ready in case any neighbouring residents needed temporary accommodation, which turned out not to be necessary.

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