Trim-trail coming to Amory Park, Tiverton

Cllrs Colin Slade and Judi Binks try out the overhead ladder

Posted on: 28 February 2019

A range of outdoor exercise equipment forming part of a ‘trim-trail’ is to be trialled in Amory Park, Tiverton.

Scheduled for completion on Thursday, 28 February 2019, a total of seven pieces of equipment will be installed at the top of Amory Park, adjoining the BMX track.  The equipment selected will consist of a series of metal or composite-made exercise stations designed to develop balance, strength and coordination.

Artwork of trim-trailWith space between each station, the complete system will form part of an exercise trail.  Each station will be accessible from the existing facilities of the park, but partially hidden so that users feel comfortable using them.

Along with the equipment, appropriate signage will be provided depicting how each apparatus should be correctly and safely used, and by whom.  It will be suitable for adults and children 13+ years of age and for people of different abilities.

Signage for the inclined pressThe aim of the scheme is to promote health and community well-being in line with the Council’s Corporate Plan and the government’s manifesto.  Its completion will also complement future plans for revitalising the area.

Cabinet Member for Community Well-being, Councillor Colin Slade said:

“The aim of the scheme was to provide residents with a casual means of exercise that’s undaunting and simple to use.  We want to get people moving a bit, whilst enjoying the outdoors and having a bit of exercise.  A great deal of research and planning has gone into this project to ensure it’s accessible to all.  Setting up a pilot space in Amory Park is ideal to see how well the scheme works.”

Public Health and Policy Research Officer Kevin Swift said:

“Installing a trim-trail at Amory Park will provide an opportunity to test the popularity of the equipment.  Amory Park was chosen as a suitable location given the sufficient space to accommodate seven pieces of kit together in a circuit.”

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