Tiverton Skate Park ready for use

Posted on: 13 June 2014

After several years of planning, the new Tiverton Skate Park at Bolham Road, next to Exe Valley Leisure Centre, is now open for business. A dedicated group of users from the local street sport community worked with the District Council over the last three years to design a new park that street sports enthusiasts of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Almost £200,000 was raised to help build it.

Funding for the project came from a number of sources but principle among these is Viridor-Credits. Other significant contributions were received from Tiverton Town Council, Devon County Council and the District Council.

The park, constructed by specialist builder Maverick, is formed of concrete with grass landscaped surround. It has a bowl area and a plaza to replicate street features. There is already an immense amount of interest locally and across the region and the park is set to become a destination venue for a wide range of users, putting Tiverton very much on the map.

The official opening, held last Friday 6 June, was really well attended.  John Bell from Viridor-Credits cut the ribbon and local riders performed a variety of tricks, entertaining those present. Councillor Colin Slade, the new Cabinet member for Community Wellbeing, acting as compare for the official opening, welcomed John and thanked him for Viridor-Credit’s very welcome contribution towards the new Park. He added that: “we ask that all users give each other a chance to practise their skills in a friendly, supportive arena. While the park is unsupervised, the Police, Youth Service and user group are keeping an eye on the park to ensure appropriate behaviour”.

For more information please contact:

Customer First

Tel :01884 255255

Email: customerfirst@middevon.gov.uk

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