Think before you all pile in…..

Posted on: 3 December 2015

The Council’s Licensing team is reminding all residents and visitors to the district to stay safe and only use licensed taxis and private hire vehicles over the Christmas party season.

Unlicensed vehicles may be unsafe and may not be correctly insured.

We have therefore issued three tips for people to remember when looking to get out and about in Mid Devon this Christmas.

  • All licenced vehicles will have a plate on the back. A hackney carriage will have a black plate on the rear of the vehicle, along with a roof light. A private hire vehicle will have a green plate on the rear of the vehicle and a green internal plate on the front windscreen.
  • All drivers should be wearing an identification badge at all times.
  • If in doubt, ask for proof of licence and identification. If the driver refuses or cannot supply ID, do not get into vehicle.

Contact our Licensing team on 01884 255255 for more information.


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