The future of public loos in Tiverton

Posted on: 7 January 2015

We have had to look at lots of different ways of reducing our costs. One area is public conveniences which we are not obliged to provide, so we have agreed to reduce these costs by £50,000 per year over the next three years.

In consultation with Tiverton Town Council, who part fund some of the public toilets in Tiverton, it has been agreed to continue providing facilities at Westexe recreation ground and Peoples’ Park, but these will only be open during the summer (March to October).

The toilets at Westexe South and the Market will stay open all year round, with maintenance costs being shared by Tiverton Town Council and us.

It was decided earlier this year, mainly due to vandalism and the costs of repair, that the facilities at Phoenix Lane would be closed. Consideration is currently being given to the future of this building, demolition being a last resort. That leaves the facilities at Lowman Green and it has now been agreed that the best option will be to convert to another use. Designs have been considered for a retail outlet and unisex/disabled public toilet with a combined area of 47 square meters. An information board will be erected on the side of the building shortly to show the proposed design which will be subject to planning permission.

Should you be interested in leasing either the Phoenix Lane or Lowman Green buildings for a business starter unit, then please contact a member of our Estates & Property Services team on 01884 255255.

Talks are continuing with other parish and town councils regarding the future of other public toilets throughout the district.

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