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Council employee receives award for reducing anti-social behaviour

Mid Devon District Council’s Legal Services Solicitor, Maria De Leiburne, has received an award in recognition of excellent partnership working to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime in the Tiverton area.

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“Any bin will do”

To help reduce littering and dog mess left on the ground, Mid Devon District Council is introducing an “Any Bin Will Do” scheme. The new scheme will see Council litter bins (excluding bins in play areas) labelled with stickers showing they can be used by the public to dispose of both litter and dog waste.

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Residents and visitors enjoy displays of wildflowers created by MDDC

Despite a summer season of what seems to have been higher than average rainfall this year, it has been a delight to many residents and visitors to see the introduction of some new floral displays of wild flowers around the district of Mid Devon.

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Mid Devon ‘Litter Busters’ to tackle littering and fly-tipping

Mid Devon is taking steps to increase its presence in tackling littering and fly-tipping which can be a huge problem, causing harm to the environment and wildlife

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Council issuing fixed penalty notices for littering and dog fouling

During April the Council’s District Officers have been out speaking to and educating the public and, where it was deemed necessary, have issued 4 fixed penalties for littering, each coming with an £80 fine.

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Peoples’ Park and Recreation Ground Trust Committee

The Committee responsible for looking after Peoples’ Park in Tiverton is asking local people to come along to meetings to represent the users of the park.

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