Suspension of Premises Licences

Posted on: 10 December 2013

Mid Devon District Council have recently taken its first action against a pub which continued to trade without a valid Licence.

Any premises selling alcohol, or a club where alcohol is available, must have a licence under the Licensing Act 2003.  The licence has to be maintained annually – it’s a process similar to taxing a car or a TV licence.

As a result of recent changes to the Licensing Act 2003 the licensing authority – which is Mid Devon District Council – must suspend any Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate where the annual fee has not been paid. Prior to this, premises were able to continue to operate while the local authority attempted to recover the debt through the civil courts. This was time consuming and a waste of officer and Court time. Paul Williams Head of Environmental Services said ‘This is serious. We do not want to end up suspending a licence and interrupting someone’s business and consumers ability to drink at the premises but if it’s not under a valid licence its unlawful and we will take action. We send out reminders to everyone in advance and try to speak to people directly if possible. For any system to be fair, action must be taken against premises that fail to respond to reminders and subsequently break the law’.

If any premises are unsure of when their annual fee is due they can contact the licensing team on 01884 244617/8/9 to find out.

For Information Please Contact:
Customer First
Tel 01884 255255

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