Streets Ahead – how to stay safe on Personal Safety Day

Posted on: 2 October 2013

On National Personal Safety Day 2013, (14th October), the Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership will join organisers, Suzy Lamplugh Trust, and nearly 200 other partner organisations around the country – including police teams; councils; schools; colleges; workplaces; charities and Neighbourhood Watch teams – to promote the StreetsAhead safety campaign to their local communities.

During the week an information board will be on display on reception area of Mid Devon District Council Offices at Phoenix House, Tiverton. This will include safety information leaflets and free items such as dipping bells for purses to alert if they are being taken, lanyards to secure purses and phones to bags or belts and a limited number of personal attack alarms.

Julia Ryder, Community Safety Officer says: “Whilst we live in a very safe area and we experience less street crime than most other places, we still want to provide advice and support to the community.  There are some basic tips that anyone can use to help improve their safety, no matter where they are.  For example, staying alert on the street could help you to see potential danger approaching in time to take action to avoid it”.

For more information about National Personal Safety Day and the StreetsAhead campaign visit

Further information is available from:-
Julia Ryder
Community Safety Officer
Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership
Tel: 01884 234997
Mbl: 07967179695

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