Speeding up your payments

Posted on: 9 February 2015

To help reduce waiting times for our customers, a new payment kiosk has been installed in the reception area of Phoenix House. This is available for use when the building is open. The kiosk takes payment by card and cash for rent, business rates, council tax, invoices, service charges, waste bags, housing benefit overpayments and parking fines. It issues a receipt so that you have a record of the payment you have made.

 It is very quick and simple to use and is available not only when our offices are open, but also up until 6.00pm each evening (excluding Wednesdays) and Saturday mornings when the Library is open. Feedback we have received so far from customers who have used the kiosk has been very positive. They have found it very quick and easy to use and have said they will use it again. Council staff are available to help customers who have not used the kiosk before during our normal office hours. 

As budgets reduce it is essential that we continue to provide services for our customers with less money and less staff. The cost of the kiosk has been met from monies set aside to improve self-service for our customers that will, in turn, free up time for staff to deal with more complex and ever-changing enquiries about the services we provide. 

So when you’re next visiting Phoenix House and want to make a payment, why not give it a try?

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