Residents and visitors enjoy displays of wildflowers created by MDDC

Posted on: 25 August 2017

Despite a summer season of what seems to have been higher than average rainfall this year, it has been a delight to many residents and visitors to see the introduction of some new floral displays of wild flowers around the district of Mid Devon. A great number of residents have contacted the Council to say how much they have enjoyed the displays within our public open spaces.

Councillor Elizabeth Slade, pictured alongside Peoples Park wild flower meadow, said: “Even with the autumn shade and fading displays we are now seeing the continued value to wildlife. The softer environmental consideration that has been introduced into the park has been a delight to local residents. Visitors from outside of the district have also commented on what a joy it has been to see the displays presented on our roundabouts and other open spaces, and I am delighted that this initiative is to expand into other areas of our open spaces in future years.”

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Posted in: Environment