Recycling performance figures make leap forward

Posted on: 20 June 2016

Mid Devon District Council is pleased to announce it has made a leap forward in recycling performance figures and its good news all round. For the first time ever we are now recycling more than half of all the waste generated.    Residents have helped push up the recycling rate for 2015/16  to 50.8%, compared to 48.2 % the year before.

Councillor Neal Davey, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said “This is a fantastic achievement and we want to thank Mid Devon residents who have embraced and adapted to the recent changes to the service. We could not have achieved this without the backing of householders and I want to thank them for all their efforts.”

As residents will be aware, the Council made some significant strategic changes to its waste and recycling collection arrangements during the last 12 months.

The first change, in response to customer requests, was to collect mixed plastics and cardboard and to provide a weekly food waste collection service to all residents.

The second change was to introduce a chargeable garden waste collection service in order to offset some of the funding cuts imposed by central government and to pay for the enhanced recycling service.

The overarching driver of these changes was to see increased levels of recycling but, more importantly, to significantly reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. The latest performance figures support these changes and show not only an increase in recycling rates but also a reduction in the waste going to landfill. At the end of 2015/16 the Council sent 423 kgs of waste per household to landfill compared with 553 kgs back in 2006/07 – a decrease of nearly 23%.

The Council has also shown a reduction in the total amount of waste generated. The UK generates more than 100 million tonnes of waste each year, with the average household producing more than a tonne of waste. In Mid Devon there was a reduction of 0.028 tonnes per household to 0.857 tonnes.  That’s a 3.16 % reduction.

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