Recycling competition winners

Posted on: 5 August 2015

In conjunction with the launch of our new waste and recycling arrangements, we recently held a competition, inviting all local school children to send in drawings to us with a recycling theme. Winning drawings are to be reproduced and placed on the side of 12 of our new recycling vehicles, with the vehicle itself being named after the winning child.

We received lots of imaginative and informative pictures about the importance of recycling and the message of stopping plastic going to landfill.  How to use the boxes provided was also clearly illustrated in a lot of the pictures.

The winners were invited to a special award ceremony held at Phoenix House and presented with their certificate and prize by Cllr Neal Davey, Cabinet member for the Environment, and Cllr Ray Radford, Chairman of the Managing the Environment PDG. Cllr Clive Eginton, Leader of the Council, and Felicity Jones, Recycling Officer, also attended the ceremony.

The winners are (from left to right): Caitlin Phillips, Sophie Collard, Beth Partridge, Lucy Roberts, Jodie Dilks, Harvey Morrish, Freddy Paine, Thomas Head, Amelia (Millie) Newton), Esme Thurlow, George Sanders and Tristan Ferdinando (not pictured).

So make sure you look out for their names and winning artwork when you next see one of our recycling vehicles.

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