Proposed changes to recycling scheme

Posted on: 9 December 2014

Residents in Mid Devon will soon be able to recycle even more if the full Council approves the Cabinet’s plans to change its recycling scheme. The new scheme will allow households to recycle more types of plastic and cardboard, benefit from weekly food waste collections and sign up to an optional garden waste service.
Councillor Neal Davey, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said “Residents often tell us that they want to recycle more, such as all types of plastic. This new scheme will do this for all households in Mid Devon rather than just 80% of households who are currently on all schemes.
“We know due to funding cuts that the Council won’t be able to do everything in the future but we are focusing on residents’ priorities and we know waste collection is important.”
The new scheme will be introduced from October 2015 in phases. Households will have detailed information packs so they know what’s happening and when. The Council will also be visiting community events, holding roadshows and meeting town and parish councils and other organisations which want to know more.
How the new scheme will affect you
Food waste will be collected each week from a kerbside container provided by the Council free of charge. The container is slighter smaller than a recycling box with a handle and lockable lid. This can be used for all cooked and uncooked food including meat, fish, tea bags, banana skins and so on. The food can be wrapped in compostable liners, paper, or can be left loose – and the containers will be easy to handle and clean.
All your plastics (such as all plastic bottles, plastic pots, tubs and trays, margarine tubs, yogurt pots and plastic food trays) will be able to go in your recycling box with the plastic milk bottles already collected.
Instead of being composted, cardboard will be collected with your other recyclables also in your recycling box.
The garden waste collections will be fortnightly, using brown bins. This subscription-only service will be chargeable in order to cover costs. The level of annual charge has yet to be determined. If a household opts in to the service, we will give them a bin sticker so collection crews know they have subscribed. Councils are not legally obliged to collect garden waste free of charge, and many other councils either don’t offer a service or they make a charge for it.
Commenting specifically on garden waste, Councillor Davey added “After much consideration we think this scheme is fairest as residents won’t be charged unless they subscribe. Many people who have gardens have the option to compost at home or they can take waste to the nearest recycling centre. There may also be a community composting group near you, or you may consider starting one. The Devon Community Composting Network’s website is a useful starting point – see

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