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Posted on: 3 February 2015

Mid Devon’s plan for the future published – public asked to comment.

Mid Devon District Council has published its Local Plan covering the period to 2033, providing the homes, jobs and facilities that will be needed in the years to come while protecting the special areas of countryside that we cherish. The plan, which has evolved in full consultation with local communities, gives Cullompton a starring role in the District’s future, an approach which has been fully supported by Cullompton Town Council. Both Councils recognise the need for new investment in the town, bringing long term traffic and economic benefits. Tiverton, Crediton and the villages are not left out, with the new homes, jobs and the supporting infrastructure they need. The Council has decided against allocating major shopping, leisure and housing development near Junction 27, because of likely impacts on nearby town centres and the difficulties of dealing with the traffic issues which would arise.

The Council has already carried out very wide consultation on this plan, and has considered all of the comments received very carefully. Indeed, this will be the third consultation on the plan. It is now asking local people to make their views known on this final version of the plan, before it is sent to an Independent Planning Inspector for approval and then adoption. All of the evidence, including the Sustainability Appraisal, has been published with the local plan and anyone can make comments on these documents as well.

At the same time as the Local Plan, the Council has prepared the Community Infrastructure Levy, a way to ensure that developers make a fair and reasonable contribution towards the schools, roads, leisure facilities and other local infrastructure needed in the area. Parish and Town Councils will receive a proportion of this levy from developments in their area, to spend on their own local priorities.

Councillor Richard Chesterton, Cabinet Member for Planning & Economic Development, said “The Local Plan Review will take Mid Devon up to 2033 which helps decide on the best places to put new development. We also need to ensure that we are able to provide the infrastructure required. Two consultations have already taken place on the Local Plan Review which has helped shape the document. This is your chance to view and comment on plans for Mid Devon’s future.”

Consultation takes place from 9 February to 30 March 2015. The Local Plan Review, its Sustainability Appraisal, CIL documents, Statements of the Representations Procedure and other associated information can be viewed on reception at council offices and at Mid Devon public libraries (including the mobile library) during normal opening hours. Local Plan Review documents can be viewed online at, CIL documents at
You can also find out more at public exhibitions:

Tiverton Town Hall – Tuesday 17th February – 4pm – 7pm
Crediton MDDC Area Office – Saturday 21st February – 9.30am – 12.30pm
Crediton MDDC Area Office – Tuesday 24th February – 4pm – 7pm
Tiverton Town Hall – Saturday 28th February – 9.30am – 12.30pm
Cullompton The Walronds – Tuesday 3rd March – 4pm – 7pm
Cullompton The Walronds – Thursday 5th March – 4pm – 7pm
Cullompton The Walronds – Saturday 14th March – 9.30am – 12.30pm

If you wish to comment on both consultations you must send in two separate representations. When making a representation you must include your name and full postal address, otherwise your comments cannot be registered. Addresses will only be used to inform people about the new plan, CIL and other planning matters. To make a representation on:

Local Plan Review
Please respond in writing either using our online survey at, by emailing or posted/delivered to: Local Plan Review Consultation, Forward Planning, Mid Devon District Council, Phoenix House, Tiverton, EX16 6PP.

Please respond in writing either using our online survey at, by emailing or posted/delivered to: CIL Consultation, Forward Planning, Mid Devon District Council, Phoenix House, Tiverton, EX16 6PP.

For more information please contact:
The Forward Planning Team
Tel: (01884) 234334 / 234922

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