Partnership working sees property closure because of anti-social behaviour

Posted on: 4 December 2015

Officers from Mid Devon District Council have worked together with the Tiverton Neighbourhood Police Team to bring about the closure of a property in the town due to anti-social behaviour and drugs. This is the first Closure Order to be put in place in Mid Devon under the powers of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

Residents in Sycamore Road have been experiencing an unacceptable level of anti-social behaviour and crime linked to this property for many months.  Now, due to joint working, the property has been closed for three months, and the occupant is unable to return during that period.

PS Mike Warriner said, “The tenant is well known to local police for their drug related anti-social behaviour. Police are often called to the property, which has been causing the other residents in the area great concern, and they have been feeling unsafe in their own homes.  We have worked closely with the Council’s Housing officers and the Community Safety Partnership in order to close this property and give residents some respite”.

Mid Devon District Council applied for the Closure Order under legislation of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, which can be used to tackle anti-social behaviour at both residential and commercial premises.

Cllr Ray Stanley, MDDC Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “We understand that serious anti-social behaviour in a neighbourhood can blight the lives of the other people living there and we are committed to taking firm action to deal with perpetrators.  Tenants need to know that we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour related to drug use.  We will use all the tools and powers at our disposal to deal with those who engage in it.  We will also deal firmly with those who allow their homes to become bases for such activity.  I am really pleased that our Housing service has been able to work in partnership with the Police to bring about this closure of this property.”

Laura Maksymczuk, ASB Lead officer for Mid Devon, said: “It is really positive to see the results of such close partnership working between Council housing officers and the police. I know that all of the officers involved have worked really hard to achieve this positive outcome for the residents of Tiverton. We will continue to work together to use the tools and powers available to us under the ASBCP Act.”

For more information contact the Community Safety Partnership on: 01884 234997 / Email:  or Claire Fry, Housing Services Manager, on 01884 234920 / Email

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