Missing a tortoise?

Posted on: 5 June 2014

Our kerbside recycling team has recently been advised that a tortoise has turned up amongst paper that has been collected by us for recycling at our paper processing plant in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

It would appear that the tortoise must have been hibernating in a black box amongst paper put out for recycling. It would have been collected by our recycling team, tipped into a lorry, brought back to the depot and then tipped into a paper bay where it would have stayed for a day or two before being loaded into a lorry (a drop of about 6 metres) and then travelled to King’s Lynn – a distance of 270 miles!

Following its big adventure, we are happy to say that the tortoise is alive and very well and currently being cared for by one of the mill workers in King’s Lynn. We would really like to be able to complete the journey of this intrepid tortoise (which we think is a ‘she’) by returning it to its owner.

If you have recently lost a tortoise or know someone who has, please get in touch with us on 01884 255255 or email


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