Mid Devon publishes ‘Peer Challenge’ review

Posted on: 16 May 2017

Mid Devon District Council has today published the report of an external peer review which was undertaken in March.  This was a comprehensive review, led by the Local Government Association, to explore how the council operates, how it does business, its performance and, ultimately, its readiness for the future and challenges ahead. The council’s full submission to this review is available on the website, together with the final report from the external team. https://www.middevon.gov.uk/your-council/how-the-council-works/corporate-peer-challenge/

Stephen Walford, the council’s Chief Executive, said, ‘This is about transparency, improvement and our drive to continue moving forward. I invited the team in to review our recent achievements, our performance, and most importantly to comment on our direction of travel. I am under no illusion as to the challenging times that lie ahead for local government, but it’s reassuring to know that we are well-equipped for these. Council delivery only ever takes place as part of a successful team, and acknowledgment should be given to all the elected members and officers that have worked so hard to set our ambition and deliver this improvement in council performance.’


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