Mid Devon ‘Litter Busters’ to tackle littering and fly-tipping

Posted on: 23 May 2017

Mid Devon is taking steps to increase its presence in tackling littering and fly-tipping which can be a huge problem, causing harm to the environment and wildlife, and leaving Councils carrying the cost of clearing up.

Anyone caught littering can be issued with a £80 fixed penalty and regulations which came into force last year now enable Enforcement Officers to issue fixed penalty notices to fly-tippers.

To combat the impact of littering and fly-tipping, Mid Devon District Council will be introducing a “Litter Busters” team to deal with flytipping reports, increase litter picking along high speed roads, including the North Devon Link Road, and help keep the district tidy.

Andrew Pritchard, Director of Operations, said “This shows Mid Devon District Council takes the issue of littering and fly-tipping seriously. The use of fixed penalty notices is an important deterrent but unfortunately it still happens, so introducing ‘Litter Busters’’ will make a noticeable and positive difference to the amount of litter and fly-tipped material seen in the district.”

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