How we spend your council tax

Posted on: 13 September 2013

Your total council tax bill for 2013/14 averages £1,573.08, which is split between a number of organisations:
Devon County Council 71%
Mid Devon District Council 11.6%
Police & Crime Commisioner for Devon & Cornwall 10.3%
Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Authority 4.8%
Town & Parish Council (average) 2.3%

Mid Devon District Council’s share of your council tax works out to be on average £182.15 a year (frozen at the same rate for the past three years).

We use this money (council tax) with our government grant and business rates to provide a variety of services. Below you can see how we allocate our money to each service.
What we Get
Council tax £4,863,910
Business rates £1,604,090
Government grant £3,132,400
Total £9,600,400 

What we spend
Planning & Regeneration £891,510
Recreation & Sport £466,700
Waste & Recycling Services £2,491,530
Keeping people safe & healthy £2,263,330
Parks, Open space, Car parks £195,420
Revenues & Benefits £1,128,490
Democratic & Legal £864,360
Other Services £1,299,060
Total £9,600,400

We also reveive an income from our council houses of £11,830,000, which is spent on the following:
Repairs £2,794,000
Major works/ House improvements £4,049,000
Debt repayment £2,645,000
Supervision & Management £2,342,000
Total £11,830,000

We are looking to reduce the council’s overall operating costs by around £1m next year.

We are already working hard to identify further service savings in order to balance the budget and maintain the current service levels, but your ideas as to how we could secure further savings would be appreciated. A month’s free membership to one of our leisure centres will be awarded to the most innovative idea. Please post your ideas on our Facebook page or email before Friday 27 September.

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