MDDC Litter Buster team start work

Posted on: 13 July 2017

Mid Devon District Council’s new Litter Buster Team has started work to improve the look of the district. The rapid response team which has been out dealing with fly tipping and littering across Mid Devon has had a busy start.

Litter on our roads is an unsightly and costly problem. Litter also gives a poor impression to visitors as well as being harmful to our wildlife and environment. Last year street cleaning cost Local Government nearly £800m; this is a massive burden to the taxpayer and in many cases could have been avoidable.

Clearing litter from high speed roads and the quick removal of fly tipping has been a priority for the new Litter Busters. However, prevention of this problem is also high on the Council’s agenda, with more resource being put toward education and enforcement.    The Council is dedicated to cleaning up the local environment and hopes that by sending out a clear message that littering will not be tolerated people will think twice before dropping their rubbish on our roads and pavements.

Following successful witness statements from the public, the Council’s officers have issued littering fines to thoughtless drivers caught in the act. With 81% of people angry and frustrated by the amount of litter lying across the country, there could be a rise in motorists receiving fines for not disposing of their rubbish responsibly.

Councillor Karl Busch, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said “Litter is something that affects us all and is needless. It’s fantastic that our Litter Busters Team will be tackling this blight on the beautiful landscape.  Taking a more proactive approach to dealing with litter both through removal and prevention is an important step toward improving Mid Devon for all residents and visitors and working towards a cleaner District”.

If members of the public wish to report fly tipping they have spotted or witness littering please report this to the Council on 01884 255255 or

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