MDDC Housing Service obtain possession order due to anti-social behaviour

Posted on: 7 February 2017

The Housing Service obtained a possession order in respect of a property in Cullompton this morning (7 February). The tenant has a 5 year flexible tenancy and this was the first time that the Council had taken action to regain possession on the grounds of anti-social behaviour where the tenant held a flexible tenancy.   At the hearing today, our Solicitor was able to demonstrate that the tenant had caused considerable nuisance and annoyance in the locality, involving the use and likely dealing of drugs from the premises.  The Police gave considerable help in this matter

Taking into account all the evidence, the Court found it reasonable to give possession and the flexible tenancy will be terminated. The Court gave the Council possession within 14 days and also awarded costs.

Councillor Ray Stanley, Cabinet Member for Homes, said: “We try to provide safe and secure environments around our homes and neighbourhoods, where people want to live by being responsive to complaints, and tackling issues in a fair, consistent and proportionate way. In this case, we have taken action to evict someone who was causing considerable nuisance in the area.  Our tenancy agreement says that tenants must not use or allow their property to be used for criminal, illegal or immoral acts.  This includes cultivating or manufacturing, selling or conspiring to sell, using, possessing or dealing in “controlled drugs”.  This case shows that we will enforce this tenancy condition and that we will seek to evict those who are in breach of it”.

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