MDDC Housing Service obtain Closure Order

Posted on: 23 December 2016

The Housing Service, supported by local Police, obtained a Closure Order at Exeter Magistrates Court on 22 December. This action was taken in response to serious anti-social behaviour issues at a property in Westexe South, Tiverton, in order to protect neighbours, our Officers and any contractors who may be required to work there or in the local vicinity.    The property will be closed for a period of three months which will enable our Officers to work in partnership with other agencies to resolve the issues.

Councillor Ray Stanley, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “The Housing Service is committed to preventing anti-social behaviour. We know that most people want to live in a safe and secure environment which means that there are times when we need to take a firm stance to ensure that a community is protected.  In accordance with our policy, we will try to be both fair and consistent when dealing with perpetrators but the Housing Service needs to be pro-active in order to minimise risk.   Our Officers worked in partnership with the Police and other agencies in this case, considered all the legal remedies available and agreed that closing the property would be the best option under the circumstances.”

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