MDDC continues to tackle littering

Posted on: 16 August 2017

Mid Devon District Council is in full swing on its mission to tackle litter problems; recently introducing The Litter Busters team, shortly followed by dedicating time and resources to litter patrols in problematic areas.

On Monday 31 July, three fixed penalties for littering were issued in Tiverton Town Centre, two of which were for cigarette butts.

In June, District Officers successfully fined a vehicle owner £80 after she was caught throwing a bottle out of her car window at J27.  Investigations discovered that the female was only passing through our district on the way back home to London.

A spokesperson for the Council said, “Our aim is to make sure the public understand the risks of throwing litter on the ground instead of using a bin or taking it home.  If they are caught by one of our District Officers then they will be issued with a fixed penalty.”

We want Mid Devon to be a pleasant place to live, work and visit.  By tackling anti-social behaviour such as littering and fly tipping we can improve our environment and help reduce the detrimental effect this behaviour has.

Clearing litter and fly tipping is a burden on already stretched Council budgets.  District Officers and The Litter Busters team are dedicated to keeping Mid Devon tidy by building an anti-litter culture and hitting litter louts in the pocket.

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