Local Plan Review – have your say on the future of Mid Devon

Posted on: 15 July 2013

An initial consultation on the scope and possible content of the plan starts on 8 July and runs until 19 August.

This is an opportunity for people to put forward their ideas and aspirations for how Mid Devon should develop over the coming years. To help with this the Council has prepared a scoping report that summarises the various issues and discusses some options for development including housing and employment.

The Local Plan scoping report is available to view at:

  • www.middevon.gov.uk/localplanreview
  • reception, Council offices, Phoenix House, Tiverton
  • Crediton Area Office, Market Street, Crediton
  • public libraries including the mobile library

If anyone would like to make their views known at this early stage in the Local Plan Review they are invited to consider the various options set out in the scoping report and tell us:

1. What options are preferred under each of the headings?

2. Are there any alternative options we should consider?

As part of this process the Council recently launched a ‘call for sites’, seeking nominations for land that could be developed for housing. The sites that have been suggested will be assessed over the coming months to determine their availability, suitability and realistic chance of being developed. There is no guarantee that suggested sites will be allocated through the Local Plan Review, but members of the public are invited to contact the Forward Planning team by 19 August if they would like to suggest additional sites.

The Council is also now considering potential sites for employment, retail and community uses. If residents would like to submit a site for consideration they should send information by 19 August and include the following details:

  • site ownership and contact details for owner/agent
  • current use of the land
  • estimated area of site and the area suitable for development
  • planning application history
  • year the site would be available for development
  • how many years it might take to develop the site
  • possible problems/constraints (e.g. access, gradient, contamination)
  • an Ordnance Survey map with the boundary of the site clearly shown.

After considering all of the responses and the content of evidence that the Council will be collecting about the situation in Mid Devon a draft plan will be prepared and consulted on in January/February next year. This will then be followed later in 2014 by consultation on a final ‘submission’ version of the Plan which will lead to an Examination in early 2015 and expected adoption by May 2015.

Responses to this initial scoping consultation may be submitted in the following ways:

Email: planningconsultations@middevon.gov.uk

Online survey (response to scoping report only): www.middevon.gov.uk/localplanreview

Post/deliver to:

Local Plan Review
Forward Planning
Mid Devon District Council
Phoenix House
Phoenix Lane
Tiverton EX16 6PP

All responses will be treated as public documents and will be published on the Council’s website, with the exception of potential development site submissions which will be subject to separate reports later this year.

It is important that all responses include the sender’s postal address, otherwise the response will not be registered. Addresses will only be used to keep people informed about the new Local Plan and other planning policy matters.

For more information please contact:

Peter Williams 
Forward Planning Team Leader
Tel: 01884 234 344  
Email: prwilliams@middevon.gov.uk 

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