Local Plan Review examination update 20th May 2019

Posted on: 23 May 2019

Planning Inspector content with J27 but has requested information on projected housing delivery and land supply

The Council has received the Inspector, Mr Griffith’s, post-hearings advice note for the examination of the Mid Devon Local Plan Review.

This comes three months after the close of four days of public main hearings, at which evidence was heard from the council and other participants in relation to a range of matters raised by the Inspector.

The advice note sets out the Inspector’s initial thoughts on the draft Plan and where some ‘Main Modifications’ are needed. These include anything that meaningfully changes a Policy, or in the case of supporting text goes to the heart of the approach.

The Inspector is ‘content’ with the overall housing need figure for Mid Devon for the period to 2033 (7,860 in total, 393 per year). However, he has requested more information about projected housing delivery to address a concern over sufficient housing in the early years of the plan, to ensure the council has the required five year housing land supply. He will then consider whether main modifications are required to address any housing supply difficulties for the Plan that would otherwise make it unsound.

The Inspector is ‘content’ with the council’s proposals for mixed tourism and shopping development at J27 and does not propose policy changes. He identifies the need for main modifications to policy SP2 Higher Town, Sampford Peverell and policies making provision for Gypsies and Travellers and some development management policies.

Draft main modifications will be prepared by the council and agreed with the Inspector before these are consulted on later this summer, together with an updated Sustainability Appraisal.

Stephen Walford, Chief Executive said:

“We welcome the thoughts of the Inspector and the receipt of his advice note, together with the invitation to submit further housing information to him. This is another important step forward towards the adoption of a new Local Plan for Mid Devon.

“Main modifications will provide a further opportunity to make sure the plan’s policies will be as up to date as possible, and will help deliver the new homes, employment and infrastructure the district needs while helping to protect our high quality environment.”

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