‘Last Orders’ shows the perils of underage drinking

Posted on: 4 November 2014

The dangers of drinking are being brought home to teenagers in the Mid Devon area through a series of hard-hitting plays.

The Soloman Theatre Company is touring schools and colleges with its production of “Last Orders” which is aimed at drawing attention to the health and social risks associated with excess or binge drinking for 14-15 year olds.

The initiative is supported by the East & Mid Devon Community Safety Partnership with funding from Devon Drug and Alcohol Team.

Last Orders is based around a scenario of two friends, 15-year-olds Cassie and Kim, who are home alone studying out of boredom they raid the drinks cabinet and throw a party – with disastrous consequences.
The performance is then talked about in group workshops which explore a range of themes such as social media, anti-social behaviour, illegal purchase of alcohol and age-restricted products, attitude to risk and sexual health including unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. The workshop content is adaptable to suit individual school requirements and prevalent local issues.
The workshops which follow the productions are run by actors who remain in role, meaning students can ask questions to the character for their view points on the issues highlighted in the production.
The performance will visit Tiverton High School and Uffculme School during early November. The other Mid Devon secondary schools will receive the same performance in March of next year.

Julia Ryder, Community Safety Officer said: “Incidents of underage drinking on the street have really dropped off over the last few years, but we know that many young people still drink, and mainly do so at home. That alcohol might be provided by members of the family, or on occasions, as in the play, is taken without consent. The play shows the disastrous results of this and is actually based on a true story. We want our young people to know the consequences, make informed decisions and to be responsible for their own actions”.

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