Land east of Cullompton successfully gains garden village status

Posted on: 4 January 2017

The Government has confirmed that it has selected land to the east of Cullompton as a garden village.

In July 2016, Mid Devon District Council submitted an expression of interest to the Government for a locally-led garden village of up to 5,000 dwellings on land to the east of Cullompton. Mid Devon’s Local Plan Review identifies this area as a suitable location for strategic growth and a neighbourhood plan for Cullompton is being prepared by the community, which also  proposes housing in this area in order to support community infrastructure.

Garden villages will be part of a new generation of locally led development to meet local housing need, with a focus on creating attractive, well-designed places. Garden village status will also assist in the approach to delivery of urgently needed infrastructure for Cullompton. Mid Devon District Council proposes to prioritise any subsequent Government financial support to highway improvements, including the town centre relief road and  M5 J28 improvements, together with measures to reduce flood risk.

Councillor Richard Chesterton, Mid Devon Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration, said “This is good news for Cullompton. It recognises the ambition within the community to improve the local environment and will allow the District Council to plan comprehensively for quality new homes while also helping to address some of the most challenging environmental issues in the Cullompton area: traffic and flooding”.

Mid Devon District Council’s expression of interest was supported by Cullompton Town Council, Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and the Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership.

For more information contact:

Jenny Clifford, Head of Planning and Regeneration
Tel 01884 234346


Tina Maryan, Area Planning Officer
Tel 01884 234336

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