Keeping the clocks ticking and the visitors smiling!

Posted on: 28 June 2013

I’ve been a room guide at Knightshayes for many years and really enjoy being able to spend time in this remarkable house with its incredible architecture.

I love talking to the visitors and usually ask to be positioned in the great hall where I greet the public, check their tickets and answer any questions they may have. Every day brings different people through our doors to welcome and this makes room guiding such a diverse and exciting role. In particular I love joking with the children and making them smile.

You don’t need an in depth knowledge of Knightshayes before you start as you quickly pick the history up. Here though I have a heads up as my wife used to volunteer in the gardens with the last owner of the house Lady Amory.

I also pop into the house once a week to help wind up the 11 beautiful clocks we have on display. Being technically minded it’s always a pleasure to keep them in working order.

We have two breaks throughout the day, one for lunch and the other for tea, often accompanied by a delicious slice of home-made cake. The day finishes late afternoon with the volunteers being driven back up to the car park in the buggy by a member of staff.

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