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Posted on: 12 November 2014

Addresses play a vital role in allowing people and organisations to locate and deliver a whole range of services.

We have been compiling and maintaining our corporate address database, or gazetteer, for several years, which is recognised nationally as being at ‘Gold’ standard.

A key feature of every address record is the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN). In the same way that every citizen has a National Insurance number, the UPRN uniquely and definitively identifies every addressable location in Great Britain.

The true value is realised when the gazetteer is shared between different services and external organisations.

Delivery of a service by hundreds of different organisations normally includes an address or street reference – from registering to vote, collection of waste, payment of council tax or business rates, connection of utility services, delivery of packages and, more crucially, responding to emergency situations where time really can mean a matter life or death. Many of these communications are supported by the address information put together by local authorities such as Mid Devon and incorporated into a National Address Gazetteer that supports the needs of both the public sector and a wider commercial market.

Mid Devon’s gazetteer is more than a list of addresses: it’s a vital database to support efficient service delivery for our residents. It relies heavily on information provided through the statutory Street Naming and Numbering service. Please make sure your information stays up to date by following the details for registering new addresses or changing existing property names, as detailed on our website.

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