Job well done for Council Waste service thanks to residents’ recycling

Posted on: 29 November 2018

Mid Devon residents have again proven to be excellent recyclers, achieving a total recycling rate of nearly 52% for all waste collected in 2017/18*.

Residents have also reduced the total amount of waste they produce.  Compared to ten years ago, the district now generates 22.5 per cent less waste and has seen an increase of 21.3 per cent in the amount of recycling through the black and green box kerbside recycling scheme.

Overall, Devon is one of the top performers in the country when it comes to recycling.  In the last year, the amount of glass and textiles being recycled has increased across the county.  Plastic recycling has seen the biggest increase with an additional 886 tonnes of material being diverted from landfill compared to 2016/17.

In contribution to the county-wide effort, not only is Mid Devon recycling more, but the amount of residual black sack waste the Council now collects has much less of an impact on the environment.  This is due to its diversion away from landfill and instead being sent to energy-from-waste plants.  Since the official opening of the Council’s Waste Transfer Station last December, the majority of Mid Devon’s unrecyclable ‘black bag’ waste has been converted into energy.  This waste stream will decrease even further when the district becomes ‘zero–to-landfill’ in 2019/20.

In other areas of Waste, the Council’s chargeable garden waste collection service has now hit an all-time high with over 10,000 residents subscribing.  With collections still equivalent to less than £1 a week, the Council is dedicated to providing an affordable service.

Remarkably and as testament to the Waste team, the numerous improvements implemented within the last four years have been achieved while reducing the cost of the service by more than 20%.

Leader of the Council Cllr Clive Eginton said: “I’m very pleased we have increased recycling and reduced the amount of waste generated.  I want to thank all residents for their continued efforts and hope they will continue to recycle all they can.  The more we recycle the less black sack waste we send for disposal.  Not only is this better for the environment, it also means the amount the local taxpayer pays to dispose or treat waste is reduced.  We provide an excellent service for Mid Devon residents and with the efficiencies made in recent years, we can continue to provide these and other essential services despite severe reductions in funding from central government.”

*Includes street cleansing waste

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