J27 site and associated Sampford Peverell housing allocation discussed at Local Plan Hearing day 4

LPR Day 4

Posted on: 20 February 2019

The final day of Mid Devon’s Local Plan Review Hearings has concluded at Phoenix House, Tiverton.

During the day the Planning Inspector, Paul Griffiths, who is appointed by the Government to rule on the Mid Devon Local Plan Review, led a discussion on matters relating to the detailed wording of policies for allocations at J27 of the M5 and Higher Town in Sampford Peverell. This followed his preliminary hearings on these allocations in September 2018.

Lengthy, wide ranging discussions took place throughout the morning around the J27 leisure and tourism-focussed policy, with detailed conversations in regard to the agronomy centre, outlet retail elements and green infrastructure for the proposed development. In particular, the Inspector wished to hear evidence on whether the policy, as written, was too restrictive.

The Council looked to retain wording as currently written within the policy on the basis that it allowed for control over development, without being overly prescriptive. The Inspector had previously concluded that a development of the nature proposed could take place without any significant adverse impacts.

The hearing then considered the detailed wording of the proposed housing policy at Higher Town, Sampford Peverell. Key topics debated included:

  • Whether it was reasonable to require improved access to the A361 before the housing development;
  • Green infrastructure provision on the highest part of the site;
  • Housing numbers;
  • and Conservation Area issues.

The day concluded by considering any other outstanding matters where soundness of development allocations and the Council’s 5 year housing land supply were raised.

The Local Plan Review is a plan for the future development of Mid Devon up to 2033. It identifies how land is used in the District and where new homes, jobs, shops, schools, transport and other infrastructure will be planned. It also contains policies for the protection and enhancement of built and natural environment, including town centres, historic buildings, green spaces and wildlife.

Developing the Local Plan Review has been a lengthy process involving many stages of preparation, public consultation and hearings. The plan’s examination hearings have now concluded and the Inspector has indicated his intention to set out his thoughts on the way forward for the plan by the end of March.

Jenny Clifford, Head of Planning, Economy and Regeneration said:

“The Council has welcomed the opportunity provided through the examination hearing process to present and debate it’s plan for the District, which it considers is the right one to secure Mid Devon’s future prosperity, providing enough homes and jobs in the right locations and delivering the infrastructure required whilst safeguarding the environment and rural nature of the district. We look forward to receiving the Inspector’s thoughts in due course.”

Over the four days of the examination, the Inspector has considered the plan’s vision and strategy, amount and location of new homes and jobs, town centres, the environment and detailed topic and site policies, against which future planning applications will be assessed.

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