Inspector Sets the Date for Next Round of Local Plan Hearings

Posted on: 19 December 2018

The Hearings into Mid Devon’s Local Plan Review will commence on Thursday 14th February 2019 and are scheduled to go on until Wednesday 20th February 2019. They will be held at Phoenix House, Tiverton.

The Inspector, Mr Paul Griffiths, appointed by the government to rule on the Mid Devon Local Plan Review, held two days of preliminary examinations in September 2018, when he considered Policy Junction 27, Higher Town Sampford Peverell and Blundell’s School Tiverton. Mr Griffiths wrote to the Council in October 2018 where he expressed support in principle to the Council’s approach to these policies.

Following this, he has set the date for the main hearings to commence on Thursday 14th February 2019 and to take place over four days.

The first hearing session, on 14th February, will discuss the Local Plan Review’s broad strategy and matters relating to housing, employment, town centres and the environment. On Friday 15th the hearing will deal with Tiverton, Cullompton, Crediton and the rural areas. The following week, on Tuesday 19th February there will be a hearing on detailed development management policies covering a wide range of matters such as ensuring good design, protecting the environment and landscape. On Wednesday 20th February the Inspector will consider the detailed wording of polices on J27 and Higher Town in the light of his earlier conclusions, as well as any other matters that may arise.

Councillor Richard Chesterton, Cabinet Member for Planning and Economic Development said:

“We are pleased and excited that the Local Plan Hearings will take place in February. We look forward to explaining the Council’s case to the Inspector. The Local Plan Review provides a strong framework that will meet the area’s needs for homes and jobs whilst protecting Mid Devon’s environment and ensuring our town centres remain vibrant. The Local Plan Review has been developed in consultation with local communities and guides development to the right places and ensures that they are great places to live, work or visit”.

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