Housing Service Group Shortlisted for TPAS Award

Posted on: 16 February 2018

TPAS, the Tenants Participation Advisory Service, has recognised the brilliant work achieved by the Council’s Housing Service in communicating with its tenants.

The Housing Service is 1 of 8 social landlords in the South of England to have been shortlisted for the category ‘Excellence in Tenant Engagement Award’.

On 9 February 2018, members of the Tenants Together Scrutiny Group travelled to London for the awards ceremony. They had a great day hearing about the work of other registered providers of social housing and how involving tenants can help create more sustainable communities.

The group’s submission for the award included information on the work done to promote tenant involvement, with particular reference to joint work with tenants on a number of service reviews.

Patricia Cowie, the Chair of the Tenants Together group said:

“Our group meets on a monthly basis. We’re encouraged by the Housing team to review policies, discuss performance figures and any ongoing issues within the service. We’re fully included in all decisions made at the meetings and we’ve undertaken several service reviews where suggestions were made and were then acted on. Involvement is really encouraged by the staff and I feel they should be commended for this. We continue to play an important part in the service as we monitor performance and challenge policies where we think things could be better”.

The Housing Service would like to extend their congratulations to Sovereign Residents Working Together, Making a Difference group for winning the award.

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