Housing allocation and Gypsy pitches discussed at Local Plan Hearing

Posted on: 14 February 2019

The first day of Mid Devon’s Local Plan Review Hearings has concluded at Phoenix House.

During the day the Planning Inspector, Paul Griffiths, who is appointed by the Government to rule on the Mid Devon Local Plan Review, discussed matters relating to the plan’s vision and strategy, amount and location of new homes and jobs as well as town centres and the environment.

The Local Plan Review is a plan for the future development of Mid Devon. It identifies how land is used in the district and where new homes, jobs, shops, schools, transport and other infrastructure will be planned. It also contains policies for the protection and enhancement of built and natural environment, including town centres, historic buildings, green spaces, and also wildlife.

Developing the Local Plan Review has been a lengthy process that involves many stages of preparation, public consultation and hearings.

During the opening day discussions focused on the viability of the plan in terms of delivering the number of homes allocated and their location as well as the provision of sites for Gypsy and Travellers.

Jenny Clifford, Head of Planning, Economy and Regeneration, said:

“We have a plan which we believe is the right one for securing Mid Devon’s future in terms of providing more homes and jobs, while protecting the rural nature of our district. Today was a forum to hear a variety of views and we welcome the debate. We are confident that our plan delivers a good balance between protecting our environment while ensuring the district can provide enough homes and jobs in the right locations.”

Key topics debated today included:

  • The provision of Gypsy and Traveller pitches and whether these should be allocated in urban extensions or more flexibly.
  • The amount of housing and deliverability of the housing allocations, with 4,680 homes earmarked for three larger strategic development sites (Tiverton Eastern Urban Extension, North West Cullompton and East Cullompton) with the remaining 2,346 dwellings in 46 smaller allocations including 25 village locations.

The hearings will continue tomorrow (Friday 15th February) when the developments in the three towns and rural areas will be discussed in more detail.

The Inspector will then reconvene the hearings on 19th February when discussion will focus on detailed development management policies. These policies will be used to assess future planning applications on a wide range of matters including good design, protecting the environment and landscape.

The planned final day of the hearings is 20th February when the Inspector is due to consider the detailed wording of polices for allocation on J27 of the M5 and Higher Town in Sampford Peverell and any other matters.

The eventual adoption of the Local Plan Review will provide Mid Devon with an up to date plan to help guide multi-million pound investment and provide more certainty over the future planning of the district to 2033.

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