‘History in the making’ – Commonwealth Day

Posted on: 4 March 2014

Monday 10 March is Commonwealth Day and to mark the event, the District Council, together with 500 other locations throughout the UK, will be flying the Commonwealth flag at our offices at Phoenix House.

A specially written Commonwealth Affirmation will be read out by the Chairman of the Council, Councillor John Berry, before the raising of the commonwealth flag at 10am on Monday 10 March. The flag will fly until midnight that day.

Chairman of the Council, John Berry says: “We are proud to be part of this unique initiative which has caught the imagination of thousands. It will hopefully highlight the importance of the Commonwealth and all that it stands for. People throughout the Commonwealth will be able to join together in widespread appreciation and I extend a warm welcome to the local community to join us as we raise the flag at Phoenix House on 10 March.”

Charity teams will mark the day by taking Commonwealth flags to the top of the UK’s four highest national peaks and use the occasion to raise funds for worthy causes. Commonwealth flags will also be flown at many locations of special significance throughout the UK.

For more information and to find out who is taking part go to flyaflagforthecommonwealth.co.uk and to see a map of where all the flags will be fying see www.middevon.gov.uk/commonwealth

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