Have your say on the Register of Heritage Assets: Local List for Mid Devon

Posted on: 12 November 2013

The public in Mid Devon are being consulted on the draft Register of Heritage Assets: Local List.

Heritage assets are the structures or features of the historic environment which are significant and should be considered when making planning decisions. Designated heritage assets are nationally protected and include World Heritage Sites, Scheduled Ancient Monuments, Listed Buildings, Protected Wreck Sites, Registered Parks and Gardens, Registered Battlefields of Conservation Areas. Local heritage assets can be identified by the local planning authority as elements or features which are valued locally but which have not been designated at the national level.

Mid Devon contains around 2,500 Listed Buildings and 49 Scheduled Ancient Monuments, none of which have been included on the local list as they are already designated at the national level. Most of the buildings within the 50 Conservation Areas within Mid Devon were also not included in the local list, as these buildings are already protected under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.

Parish councils in Mid Devon were asked to submit suggestions for inclusion on a register in June 2012 and these have been assessed using the criteria recommended by English Heritage in the Good Practice Guide for Local Heritage Assets. The submitted assets were also assessed by conservation officers to determine whether assets put forward met the criteria and should be considered a local heritage asset.

How to make your views known
Mid Devon is therefore inviting your comments on the Register of Heritage Assets: Local List and would welcome any further submissions for inclusion on the Register.

To see the local list and find out how to comment please see: http://www.middevon.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=10043

All comments and submissions must be returned no later than 10 January 2014.

What will happen next
Once the consultation has finished, all information received will be reviewed and the local list will be published. The document will be a working document and new local assets will be added as and when they are submitted and assessed. A local list does not impose any legal requirements or protections for owners, but facilitates awareness of potentially sensitive heritage assets and is a material consideration in planning decisions.

For further information please contact:

Isabel French
Forward Planning Assistant
Tel:      01884 234221
Email: ifrench@middevon.gov.uk

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