Grass cutting to continue

Posted on: 1 May 2015

For some time we have had an arrangement with Devon County Council to cut the grass on land that it owns along the public highways on a minimum of 4 cuts per year basis. In order to maintain the grassed areas and other adjacent areas owned by this Council, up to another 4 cuts have been subsidised by us.

However, we have recently been advised that feedback from the ‘tough choices’ consultation means that Devon County Council can no longer afford to maintain the current level of payment and only wishes us to cut areas along public highways which may impede drivers if left uncut.

So that leaves us with two choices. We leave some of the grass uncut or we pay for cutting it ourselves. Councillors have decided that we cannot leave the grass uncut, particularly where there is an impact on public safety, so for the forthcoming growing season we will ‘foot the bill’ for cutting the grass.

Unfortunately, this will only be for the next 12 months and we will be going out to consultation later this summer with town and parish councils about future arrangements. We will also be seeking support from local community groups who may be willing to take this work on. Further details will be advertised in due course.

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