Further cob wall collapse in Cullompton

Posted on: 24 February 2014

Yesterday saw a further incidence of collapse of a cob structure in central Cullompton. Part of the wall of The King’s Head in High Street collapsed leading to the cordoning off of the area in order to safeguard public safety. The Council’s Head of Building Control is coordinating with the owner of the property to assess the remaining structure and instigate repairs.

This case, together with that of Harlequin Valet in Cullompton raises the wider issue of the maintenance and repair of buildings and structures constructed of cob, especially given the extreme wet weather experienced this winter and the sensitivity of this construction material to moisture. Owners of cob buildings are advised to ensure that they undertake a visual inspection, looking for  cracking, movement or water penetration and that they are aware of appropriate techniques of cob maintenance and repair. Further general advice may be gained from the Devon Earth Building Association website http://www.devonearthbuilding.com/ where guidance leaflets on cob are available. Should anyone have concerns over a suspected dangerous structure, Mid Devon’s Building Control service should be contacted on 01884 234345 or use our 24 hour emergency number 01884 255255.

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