Full steam ahead with new recycling scheme

Posted on: 15 July 2015

Residents who have already received their new green recycling boxes for cardboard seem to have really got on board with the new scheme: the amount of material being put out for recycling is already going up, with less going to landfill which is great for the environment!

By the first week in July the council will have delivered 35,000 green boxes to all residents in Mid Devon, who will then be able to put cardboard in their green box. Black boxes can now also take mixed plastics as well plastic milk bottles, glass and tin cans.

Waste Manager Stuart Noyce said “There’s been a great response so I’d like to thank Mid Devon residents as we can see that people really do want to do their bit to recycle more!”

Why are the changes being introduced?

Residents have been telling us they want to recycle more plastics, and with less government grant each year, we’ve come up with a scheme that meets residents’ needs and reduces costs, helping to keep council tax bills down. Although there is an up-front cost, including £183,000 for the new boxes (about £5 per household), this will be more than offset by income from recycling credits (fewer tonnes going to landfill) and selling materials for recycling.

Phase 2 of the scheme (weekly food collections and chargeable garden waste collections) is being rolled out in the autumn. Once the full scheme is in place we estimate the overall savings to the waste collection service to be about £0.5m per year.

What are the public saying about the scheme?

Feedback from the trial scheme we ran earlier this year was very positive. We have put out plenty of information about the new scheme: cards posted to each household, leaflets delivered to each household and full details with frequently asked questions on our website at www.middevon.gov.uk/newrecycling. We have had very few calls to our Customer Services team, so we think this means that most people have the information they need about the new scheme.

Stuart Noyce added “One of the main questions has been about lids. We have explained that the green boxes don’t need lids and it doesn’t matter if the cardboard gets wet. We’ve also suggested that people are welcome to stack their black box on top of their green box ready for collection”.

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