Food Safety Inspections see increased performance

Posted on: 5 September 2014

In 2010 a food hygiene rating scheme was introduced whereby food premises are inspected by the Council’s environmental health officers and awarded a score between 0 and 5. The categories awarded are: 0 = urgent improvement necessary, 1 = major improvement necessary, 2 = improvement necessary, 3 = generally satisfactory, 4 = good and 5 = very good.

In Mid Devon currently 520 premises out of 1038 food businesses are given ratings covering restaurants, takeaways, cafés, sandwich shops, pubs, and hotels. Ratings are also given to other places you eat away from home such as schools, hospitals and residential care homes. Places where you shop for food such as supermarkets, bakeries, and delicatessens, are also given a rating.

Some places where you might eat away from home, or buy food, are not given a rating. This is generally because they are a low risk to people’s health, for example, a newsagent selling only wrapped sweets. Child-minders, food manufacturers and businesses that offer caring services at home are also not given ratings.

The Council is pleased to say that since the introduction of the scheme, standards have increased significantly, with latest figures indicating that 442 premises are now in the ‘very good’, score of 5 category.  Only five premises fell into the 0-3 category where either major or some improvement is required.

This rating scheme is proving very popular and businesses are encouraged to display stickers of scores achieved in a place where you can easily see them when you visit. If you don’t see the rating at a takeaway or other food business, you can ask them what rating was given at the last inspection, or search for it at

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