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Posted on: 22 September 2015

Coming soon through your letterbox … new leaflet about weekly food waste and chargeable garden waste collections

From next week (Monday 21 September), Mid Devon households will start to receive leaflets with information about changes to recycling and waste arrangements being rolled out across the district this autumn.

What’s changing?

This summer, the first phase of changes meant that Mid Devon residents can now recycle most plastics in their black box (together with glass, paper and cans) and were given a new green box just for cardboard and cartons. This second phase will see a new weekly food waste collection and an optional paid-for garden waste collection service.

When will it happen?

For 11 weeks from 21 September, leaflets will be distributed to all Mid Devon households including details about the new food waste and optional garden waste collections.

Over a period of about 11 weeks from the beginning of October, the council will be rolling out delivery of a new blue food waste kerbside caddy, a second leaflet, a new collection calendar which runs until September 2016 and details about how to subscribe to the new garden waste scheme.

The changeover from the old scheme to the new scheme will take three months from October to December, although for most households in towns and larger villages, changeover should be complete by mid-November. For some households, there will be a gap between their existing calendar ending and delivery of the new calendar, and residents are asked to continue putting out their recycling and waste out on the same weeks as they do now. No households will have their day of collection changed under the new scheme.

Councillor Neal Davey, Cabinet Member for the Environment, said “I’d like to say a big thank you to Mid Devon residents for really getting behind the changes to recycling. Comparing June and July this year to the same two months last year, “dry” recycling has gone up by 50% and the amount of waste we’ve had to send to landfill has gone down by almost 100 tonnes. This is a fantastic improvement.

“We know many residents want their food waste collected weekly, and we hope you will quickly get used to using your new blue kerbside caddy. We understand that some people will not like the fact that we are starting to charge for collecting garden waste, but we have tried to make the service affordable by giving various options at different costs. As soon as you get your leaflet, you can sign up to the new garden waste scheme, details of how will be in the leaflet.

“As part of the drive to increase recycling rates and cut down the amount of waste sent to landfill, we will also be making a concerted effort to educate, inform, encourage and support people to start recycling and to put the right materials in the right box or container. Only as a last resort, will we use enforcement against residents who persistently refuse to recycle or who, for example, continuously try to hide garden waste in their black bags for landfill. We expect this to only be a very small number of cases.”

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