Food and garden waste composted separately

Posted on: 22 November 2017

Mid Devon is changing the way it composts the garden and food waste it collects from its households.  The planned changes will both save money and will be more environmentally friendly.  Until last month the food and garden waste, although put out for collection by households in different containers, was collected together and sent to an in-vessel composting plant for treatment.

Mid Devon District Council has tied in the planned replacement of its collection vehicles with Devon County Council’s new organic waste treatment contract.  The new vehicles mean that although the two materials are still collected at the same time, they are stored in separate compartments.  The material is then bulked at the Council’s depot before being taken to different treatment facilities.  Food waste will be treated at an anaerobic digester with garden waste being composted through an open windrow method; which is cheaper and requires less energy to convert into compost.

The new vehicles also produce lower emissions and are more fuel efficient; again helping to protect the local environment.

Councillor Eginton said, “I am delighted with the new way of working, which will help toward protecting our environment. The Council is dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and making an investment in the new vehicles helps to do this.  The team work hard to deliver a first class collection service for residents of Mid Devon and the new vehicles will enable us to continue doing so while helping to keep service costs down”.

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