Fly-tippers fined £300!

Posted on: 10 March 2017

Last year a member of the public witnessed a landlord and tenant dumping material outside the entrance to Ashley Recycling Centre near Bickleigh.

On the day in question, the Recycling Centre was very busy and a queue had formed whilst skips were being exchanged within the centre. The culprits decided they could not wait along with the other visitors so left their items on the verge outside, assuming someone else would clear it up.

The quick thinking witness took photographs of the two individuals committing the offence and, more importantly, noted valuable information such as their vehicle type and registration.  This information was then passed to Mid Devon District Council who investigated the offence.  The Council was able to trace the offending fly-tippers who were consequently interviewed under caution; at which time they admitted to the offence and were offered the option of paying a fine rather than attend court – each paid a fine of £150.

The witness was informed of the outcome and said: “…I am very pleased that it has been fully investigated from the photos and statement that I was able to supply. It is good to hear that it has reached a successful conclusion, with the perpetrators being fined.

“The actions of the individuals were completely selfish, irresponsible and environmentally damaging. My details have been kept confidential to prevent any repercussions, so I would urge others to report people they see fly-tipping”.

Mid Devon District Council would like to take this opportunity to thank the witness for their quick thinking and help. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 the unauthorised deposit of waste can now be enforced with a fixed penalty.  The Regulation to issue a fixed penalty was added to the Act in 2016. This option has given Councils the ability to fine offenders instead of pursuing lengthy and costly Court proceedings.

Stuart Noyce, Waste and Transport Manager, said, “Mid Devon District Council take all environmental crime seriously and whenever we have intelligence such as a witness statements we will pursue all offenders”.

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