Dog Fouling Fixed Penalty Notice

Posted on: 24 April 2015

A Mid Devon resident was recently issued with a £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for failing to clear up dog fouling. Under the Fouling of Land by Dogs (Mid Devon) Order 2012, it is an offence if a person fails to clear up after their dog forthwith, in any publicly accessible area of Mid Devon. By paying the fine promptly, the dog owner was able to discharge liability. The amount was reduced to £50 and she avoided a court summons and a fine of up to £1000.

The incident happened along the Grand Western Canal, near Crownhill, Halberton, and was witnessed by a member of the public. An officer conducted an investigation and traced the dog owner via the registration number of the vehicle she was driving.

Dog fouling is unsightly, unpleasant and can lead to toxacariasis in humans which can cause blindness. Most at risk are young children between the ages of one and four years.

There are currently 280 dog bins and 418 litter bins emptied by the council in Mid Devon. Dog waste should be bagged and placed in either a dog bin or a public waste bin. If you are in a remote area and no bin is available, you should take it home with you and put in your black sack waste for landfill.

Canal Manager Mark Baker commented: “The Canal is a great place for people to walk their dog, but unfortunately there is a minority of thoughtless individuals who do not clean up after their dogs are spoiling it for everyone and giving dog walkers a bad name. There are 19 dog bins provided along the 11 ¼ miles of towpath, so there really is no excuse for not acting responsibly.   We welcome the news of this fine and encourage anyone who sees an owner failing to clean up after their dog to report it to the Mid Devon District Council enforcement officers.”

Witnessed offences relating to dog fouling can be reported to Mid Devon District Council by calling 01884 255255 or via

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