Council’s recycling crew rescue elderly couple

Posted on: 18 November 2016

On Monday 24 October, one of the District Council’s recycling crews were finishing off their round in Nomansland when they spotted an elderly gentleman who appeared to be in some distress. On asking him if he was alright, the gentleman explained that he had driven off the road and hit a tree and that his wife was still in the car. The crew immediately called the emergency services and ran to the assistance of the lady, who was in a state of shock and had some minor injuries. They carefully got her out of the car and administered basic first aid at the roadside, making sure that both her and her husband were kept warm and comfortable until the Police arrived. They thanked the crew for their help at the scene.

Stuart Noyce, Waste & Transport Manager, praised the team (Paul Kirby, Graham Edworthy and William Croft) for their selfless act of kindness in helping the elderly couple who were clearly very distressed.

Photograph features Paul Kirby and Graham Edworthy

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