Council vote to allocate land at J27 for leisure, tourism and retail use

Posted on: 23 September 2016

At a packed council meeting last night, Mid Devon District Council voted to allocate land at J27 of the M5 for leisure, tourism and retail use. After much debate, including over an hour of questions from the public, the resultant vote saw it carried by 27-10 in favour of allocating the land and carrying out the necessary public consultation on this before submitting the Local Plan to government in March. Speaking after the meeting, Leader of the Council, Clive Eginton, said ‘This is a significant decision for the council and for the future of Mid Devon. I am delighted that the council has chosen to positively seek development at this location for a range of uses that have the potential to transform our tourism and leisure offering and make a statement about Mid Devon’s ambitions for the future. I now look forward to finalising our plan and meeting the Government’s deadline for plan submission.’

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