Council sells 8000th garden waste permit

Posted on: 13 July 2016

Miss Kelly of Sunningbrook Road, Tiverton, has become the 8000th resident to sign up to Mid Devon District Council’s chargeable garden waste service. This means nearly 25% of the district has subscribed. With the recycling rate now at 50% and black sack waste going to landfill at an all-time low, this is even more good news for the Waste and Recycling Service.

When asked why she chose to subscribe to the garden waste service Miss Kelly said “I have a small garden which I am currently landscaping and, after weighing up my options, I decided to subscribe to the Council’s garden waste collection service. I spent some time considering the cost of alternative options, such as going to the local recycling centre or purchasing a compost bin, but found buying a permit to be the cheapest, safest and most time saving method of disposing of my garden waste. I am also allergic to wasp stings and using a brown bin to dispose of my garden waste is safe and clean.

“I paid £35 for the smaller brown bin, for the convenience of not having to load sacks of garden waste into my clean car, and then risk sitting in a queue at the recycling centre when my time could be better spent elsewhere. Buying a permit was simple; I was pleasantly surprised how easy the process was. I thought I would have to forego a couple of months of the service as I signed up in late June, but was very happy that I got a full year’s collection from the day I signed up.

“Paying for a service that works out to be less than a £1 a week for a fortnightly collection doesn’t sound so bad when it means you can avoid queues and the need to clean your car when a sack of garden waste falls over in the boot.”

For more details on the garden waste collection service please go to, email or call 01884 255255

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