Council marks Commonwealth Day and the conclusion of WW I

Posted on: 12 March 2018

Members of Mid Devon District Council were joined today by local dignitaries as they commemorated both the end of the First World War and Commonwealth Day.

The event took place in Tiverton’s Phoenix House and was hosted by Council Chairman Peter Heal. Also in attendance were the Mayors of Tiverton, Crediton and Cullompton along with Honorary Aldermen.

A number of school children also took an active part in the ceremony and were joined by the Council’s leadership team and elected members.

Following the raising of the Commonwealth Flag outside Phoenix House a ceremony to mark the conclusion of World War I began.

It included the story of Private Sage who received the Victoria Cross, along with the reading of a number of poems and letters from home by pupils of Blundells School, Tiverton High School and Cullompton Community College.

Chairman of the Council, Peter Heal, said: “By commemorating World War I on the same day that we raise the Commonwealth Flag we are acknowledging the vital role that soldiers, sailors and airmen from the Commonwealth played in this war. Thousands of soldiers fought thousands of miles from their homeland for a country they had never been to.  The sheer scale of the sacrifice and suffering was on a scale that outstrips any other conflict.

“But for all the profound trauma, the resilience and courage that was shown, the values we hold dear: friendship, loyalty, and the lessons we learned, they changed our nation and they helped to make us who we are today.”

During the occasion four candles were extinguished and a two minutes silence held as a moment of reflection. The candles were then relit as a symbol of hope.

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